interim all day menu
Continental Breakfast M-F 8-11 /Full Breakfast Sat-Sun 8-12
due to Curfew protocols last reservation is at 8:30pm


Mixed Salad $11.00
Mixed greens with onions, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers Choice of Blue Cheese, Honey Dijon, Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing

Caesar Salad $10.50 | Add Chicken $13.50 | Add Shrimp $13.50
Romaine lettuce tossed with croutons, parmesan cheese, homemade dressing

Mango Shrimp Salad $14.50
Mixed lettuce leaves topped with Shrimp, soy cream sauce, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, onions, Mango Chutney

Raw Ahi Tuna with avocado, cucumber & scallions
Mixed with a lemon wasabi vinaigrette, finished with tortilla crisps
teriyaki sauce dressing( contains sesame seeds & sesame oil)


Conch Trio $15.95 | INDIVIDUAL ORDER $14.50
Fingers/Fritters/Conch Salad served with dipping sauces

Coconut Shrimp $12.95
5 Shrimp Lightly battered in coconut & served with a spicy Mango Chili sauce

Chips N’ Salsa $7.50
Tortilla Chips and Salsa


The Papa Burger $14.50
8oz homemade ground sirloin grilled to perfection with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles

Chicken and Chips $13.50 – Fish and Chips $14.50 Caribbean jerk marinated chicken A traditional favorite of large pieces Breast lightly breaded and fried of fish breaded & lightly fried

Fish Sandwich $14.50
Grilled Fish served on a fresh baked baguette roll with lettuce

Fish & Chips $14.50
A traditional favorite of large pieces of fish breaded & lightly fried

Fish Tacos $13.95
Two soft flour tortillas filled with grilled fish, sour cream and sweet Mango chutney

Grilled Chicken Club $13.25
Lightly jerked chicken breast served on a fresh bun with bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, & cheese with jerk mayo


Grilled Grouper $36.00 (G)
Dill butter sauce| garlic mash potato |grilled asparagus| sautéed spinach & tomato

Seared Ahi Tuna $38.00 (G)
Soy dipping sauce |Sautéed spinach |cherry tomato| wasabi mash potato

Blackened Salmon $36.00
Guava Ginger sauce| spring mix salad with raspberry vinaigrette | garlic mash potato

Curry Shrimp $28.00
Coconut Curry | jasmine rice | sautéed vegetables

Sautéed in garlic cream sauce bell peppers, onion

Filet Mignon $38.00
8oz | Mushroom cream sauce | sautéed vegetables | sautéed red potato


Curry Lobster $35.00
Coconut Curry| Jasmine Rice | sautéed vegetables

Lobster Pasta $35.00
Garlic cream sauce | bell peppers | red onion

Grilled Lobster Tail $38.00 (G)
8oz | Drawn garlic butter | Peas N’ Rice | sautéed vegetables

Surf N’ Turf $58.00
Beef Tenderloin & Grilled Lobster Tail | Mushroom cream sauce| drawn garlic butter

All vegetable sides & roasted potato sautéed with Olive Oil
Menu Items marked with G – Gluten Free
Please ask for our Dessert menu
12% gov’t tax added to all checks | 15% Gratuity on groups of 6 or more